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  1. Since 2007 Ortega is notable for performing a heavy intense sound which will reinvigorating and reaching new perspectives at each new work released. In Sacred States the band had achieved his most solid work, besides having an approach that can be more affordable compared to the previous releases. The second full length of the band has the participation of members from Primitive Man and Gnaw Their Tongues, which adds even more quality to the work done by Ortega transforming Sacred States in one of the most interesting releases of the year in style.

    As I mentioned earlier the album has a heaviness sound and unceasing intensity over the five tracks present in Sacred States, the band introduces a series of sultry rhythms in a cold, gloomy atmosphere, which creates an abysmal sense of depth. Except for Descending Ladders , the tracks have a long duration and bring a stuffed repertoire of great brutal riffs, harsh vocals in a hateful tone and constant agony mood, a solid bass , and a amazing performance on the drums throughout the work. Ortega has some elements that resemble something from bands like Amenra, Neurosis and Cult of Luna, but is something that is just within similar approaches as the band has managed to develop its own formula in the work, something that allows to follow their way without becoming somewhat repetitive.

    The album’s compositions are well elaborated and can create an interesting contrast of ideas. The tracks generally follow a more dragged cadenced rhythms, but always bring a heavy striking instrumental. “Strong Eye” and “Maelstorm” are objective and direct, the strongest elements of Sludge and Doom are combined in an intelligent way and quickly gain the attention of the listener. The aforementioned Descending Ladders has a more experimental instrumental than the other tracks, reaching a more ambient approach in its final moments and functions as a kind of brief interlude in the album. In “Crows” and “Void” is where the band shows their repertoire in a more extensive way and full of diversity. The tracks have guitars able to introduce an incredibly striking atmospheric tone and following the characteristics of Post-Metal. The progressions made in the tracks are well embedded and show how the band has reached a more advanced standard and able to explore their ideas.

    Sacred States brings a whole climate that explores the darkness and emptiness within human nature, and conveys to the listener through an overwhelming sound that brings together a number of well-used ideas. The album goes beyond the basics in style and has a lot to offer for those who praise this approach.


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