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  1. After six years of waiting we can finally check the successor of Ashes, The Order of Things is the fourth full length album of the Swedish band Suma and is probably the most ambitious album ever made by them. During this period the band gave us some splits, EP and a live album, but those who follow the band know that nothing compares with the gender mainstreaming experience while listening to one of its album in its entirety. In The Order of Things Suma look further and presents a remarkable progression in their sound, it keeps that base of Doom / Stoner that gave him notoriety through the 3 previous albums, but now the band works in a deeper perspective into the Sludge and Post-Metal.

    The album is not easy to assimilate with few executions, requires attention and surrender of the listener so you can understand the current dynamics of the band. The vision of today society and as it increasingly becomes shallow, empty and decaying, it is something vivid and constant on the album.

    Opening with the instrumental “The Sick Present”, the band soon introduces the listener into the dark, cold and gloomy atmosphere that is present throughout the album. The sound barrier made by the band sounds high enough to gain the attention of the listener, following a monolithic pace with brief clips of voices in the background. In “Bait For Maggots” Suma delivery a series of riffs and progressions in instruments that sound within the more traditional features of the band, adding is directed to the more direct and aggressive form of Sludge and Post-Metal. The instrumental is impeccable and features a dark aggressive rhythm tone, as well as the vocals that show in great shape. In “RPA” the band presents a more familar sound in the early stages, in the midst of all this distortion and more Doom progressions. This track in particular we can observe some structures within the Suma’s music that refer to something from Neurosis, perhaps closer to the Souls At Zero. All weight and brutality that are propagated by the intense instrumental of the band gain a new perspective amid the instrumental of charged atmosphere and full of distortions, the vocals are in the background in this track.

    “Being And / Or Nothingness” serves as interlude and a break to recovery the breath after the sweltering beginning of the album. The band brings a more Ambient approach filled with scary voice clips and disjointed tones. “Education for Death” follows a monolithic rhythm with a drone approach and filled with more noise, that extend for almost nine minutes into the track. The breaking of rhythm is via a heavy instrumental with guitars in a more strident tone and distortion. The band has a sense of depth much immersive , even with the most insane and also distorted approach to vocals. “Disorder Of Things” brings a chaotic, heavy rhythm and keeping the most noise elements that were previously presented on the album and unlike “Being And / Or Nothingness”, the most agressive approach imposes a stifling and perpetual tone to the listener. “The Greater Dying” closes the album and features a mix of more elaborate elements explored by the band throughout the album. In this track, the composition progresses in a more natural and more organized way, rhythms transitions are made in a more unique way. All the weight and atmospheric tone of the instruments are presented on a higher level over the twelve minutes from the track.

    I usually do not do extensive reviews and I always try to focus only on the main points of the album and highlight the tracks representing the points raised, but in the case of The Order of Things, I chose to analyze fully and accurately due to the complexity of the album and the broader approach. The album may not be the most accessible of the band, but it is certainly one that has the greatest range of ideas. Well developed and with an impeccable production, The Order of Things will reward those who deliver the most to the proposal addressed on the album.


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