Um comentário em “Lilium Sova – Lost Between Mounts and Dales/Set Adrift in the Flood of People

  1. Lilium Sova is a Swiss trio fromed by Cyrill Chai (bass), Timothée Cervi (drums) and Loic Blazek (cello, guitar), the band is responsible for creating a sound that escapes from the more conventional aspects and has a whole conceptual side well developed. The album is characterized by being addressed on two tracks, Valley and City, divided into six and four parts respectively, besides the fact that each of them possesses its own uniqueness and perspectives on climate and compositions. It’s a kind of music that requires some auditions to be assimilated perfectly and it’s something interesting for those who are interested in bands that make a just instrumental sonority and distributes a variety of different rhythms.

    Starting with the “valley” side, the first track “Dimma” is a short introduction to what is to come on the album, a more ambient aspect with a light cello increase at the end. “Pakenimenen” begins with an aggressive instrumental filled with striking bass lines and sharp percussion, following a closest Mathcore style. The track has an interesting evolution and its outcome is intense and sudden way. “Scandens” features an easy instrumental to be assimilated with something coming from bands like Isis and Callisto, the track follows a measured pace and the use of cello in the final half creates an interesting contrast between the sensations provided by the band. “Ustabil” presents as a light interlude and creates a break in the rhythm that had been presented, keeping in ambient atmosphere full of noise. “Lavina” is another interlude, but unlike “Ustabil”, it has an intense pace and even for only 44 seconds can briefly convey a feeling similar to that was found in “Pakenimenen”. Shutting down the valley side, we have the “Ofkæling” track. The most ambitious of the six which form the valley side, the track extends over a long period shown beautiful melodies created on cello and as the track progresses, the band adds a minutely designed instruments. In this track the band takes up the nearest approach to the Post-Metal / Rock creating a slightly atmospheric sound and measured pace, as much as all instruments have a great prominence and importance in the development of the track, the constant cello presence is undoubtedly the biggest highlight.

    Starting the “City” side, we have the great “Invisible in Swarm.” Immediately we have realized the approach to be followed in this part of the album, here the sound has a more diversified development and even complex, the use of the cello is replaced by a series of great riffs and the music itself gets a more introspective molding, creating a sense of density. “Forlorn Roaming” starts with a more aggressive and heavy instrumental than previously demonstrated, but soon the band shows the same capacity to create tracks that pass the most diverse rhythms and sensations. Among slightly distorted guitars, striking bass lines and an crushing performance of the drums, the track follows its own pace and keeps our attention fixed. “Sudden Craze” brings a chaotic climate and an explosive pace, is perhaps the track with more energy on the album. Here the instruments follow a more direct and dynamic approach, with intense breathtaking sounds. “Sccafold is Ready” closes the album and is yet another example of the ability of the band to develop varied rhythms and full of detail. The track has a direct guidance amid a series of striking riffs and other instruments having their due prominence concludes precisely the album.

    It is not easy to digest the music found in “Lost Between Mounts and Dales / Set Adrift in the Flood of People”, its complexity requires attention from the listener, besides being a sound directed to the particular audience. Those not accustomed to more experimental approaches may feel displaced initially, while those who enjoy this kind of music, will find a number of reasons to decipher the ideas of Lilium Sova presented in the course of the album.


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