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  1. Worm Ouroboros is a band that escapes from the most conventional concepts and has a singular sound. Idealized by Jessica Way (guitar, vocals) and Lorraine Rath (bass, vocals), the band still has the drummer Aesop Dekker (Agalloch, VHÖL) in their lineup. The music made by Worm Ouroboros has a number of elements of several different styles and is something that the band has improved over time, delivering what is perhaps their most accessible album.

    What Gracelles Dawn is not just another “Metal” album, however the band explores existing sounds in Doom and Post-Metal their music is strongly marked by the approach of Dark Ambient in conjunction with elements coming from Neofolk. During the six tracks of the album, you will come across a series of minimalist arrangements, touches that help create a somber atmosphere that is well present at all times of the album, and yet, there is a more beautiful tone that initially remains hidden In the music, something that you’ll discover as the album progresses.

    The vocals of Jessica and Lorraine are beautiful and bring all that ethereal tone slightly gloomy, it’s like you’re listening to a lullaby that gives you shivers, fans of Chelsea Wolfe and Darkher will love the voices present at the work. The album is marked by long passages in which Jessica and Lorraine duel in the vocals and the instrumental remains as background, bringing minimalist arrangements and touches full of softness that help to enhance the sensations provided by the music. We have become accustomed to Dekker delivering a series of blasts on the drums in the bands in which he participated previously, but here he has less aggressive participation. In many moments the drums has an almost tribal rhythm and does not have that power or brutality, it stays within the rhythm and mood propagated by the music of the Ouroboros Worm.

    But the sound of the band is not limited to this apparent cadence and focused on minimalism, there are long passages in which the heaviness of the music is accentuated, which in the case of the Ouroboros Worm is not something that escapes the atmosphere of tranquility that exists in the work , The instrumental gains in density but remains in a more atmospheric line inside the Doom and Post-Metal, in some moments bringing a similar climate to that found in passages of Sólstafir in Ótta. “Day” and “Broken Movements” exemplify this, both tracks have a heavier connotation in their final halves that follow this quoted proposal.

    What you’ll find in What Graceless Dawn is a comforting thing to mind, an escape from all stress and daily afflictions, the music made by Worm Ouroboros has the ability to induce our minds to wander through our thoughts as we delve more and more into this beautiful and immersive music. The album in its entirety follows an aesthetic of its own in all the tracks, those who like less conventional, somber and atmospheric sounds, can not fail to check this album of the Ouroboros Worm.


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