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  1. Ruminations is the second studio album by the american band Blizzard at Sea, whose recording was made via crowdfunding. The Iowa City four piece makes a music that combines Progressive, Sludge and Post-Metal in a close line of bands like Mastodon and Intronaut, for example.

    Ruminations has great tracks and impressive performance from the four members, the compositions are well crafted as you would expect in this combination of styles and can be well balanced, the band can fully explore each of them throughout the album.

    The opening track “Thicket” brings the heaviness and dirt of Sludge in a big way, featuring a series of elaborate arrangements on the guitar, aggressive vocals that recall the style of Matt Pike, and an intense rhythm. “Degenerate Binary System” has a more cadenced beginning and the heavy passages bring a closer atmosphere to the Post-Metal of bands like Cult of Luna and Isis, genre that is very well explored by the band

    “Manufactured Obsolescence” has a cleaner tone than the others, featuring a series of guitars that reinforce the atmospheric tone of Blizzard at Sea’s music, a remarkable drum performance and some jazzy bass lines. The epic “Third-Order Simulacra” is a 22-minute journey where the band presents a vast repertoire of ideas. The first half of the track explores a series of acoustic passages filled with softness, the band manages to convey the calmness in their music with clarity. The progressions are matched at the right moments and the track slowly evolves, gaining heaviness and approaching the Prog / Post-Metal / Sludge that was featured in the first 3 tracks. A parade of rhythms that ends in a somber tone created by the almost funereal keyboard, which extends in the final moments of the track.

    “Anomie II” continues the acoustic work performed by Blizzard at Sea, a light and beautiful interlude that acts as an introduction to the final track of the album. “Arbitrary Abjection” opens with an explosive rhythm on drums, heavy riffs and vocals distributing all fury as possible. Although it’s the most direct and aggressive track of the album, it’s able to maintain the great harmony between the instruments and present a composition as elaborate as the others.

    Unlike other albums of the Ruminations style is something more accessible, the band makes clear its proposal soon in the beginning of the album and follows it with fidelity. Those who enjoy more elaborate music but are still able to deliver a series of heavy passages in contrast to mild atmospheric moments should certainly check out the album.


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