Um comentário em “Set and Setting – Reflectionless (2017)

  1. I confess that the two previous albums of the american band Set and Setting did not hold my attention as much as I would like, however the two albums have their qualities that I could not fail to mention, it lacked something else for me. Not that I’m someone completely picky about what I listen to (maybe in some cases), but Equanimity and A Vivid Memory are two albums well within the normalcy of the style.

    A brief note about my past experiences with the band and we started towards their new studio album. In Reflectionless, Set and Setting delivers a formidable work that manages to raise the standard presented by the band in previous works. The compositions are incredibly beautiful and well-crafted, the band managed to capture the best of Post-Metal and Post-Rock and create a solid album, in which the eight tracks have a quality level similar to what is found in the great albums of style.

    One of the things I liked the most about Reflectionless is that it escapes from the predictable, many bands of the style follow the same known and scarce formula and so can’t expose something more interesting. Take the opening track “Saudade” as an example, the band presents a remarkable composition in which the diversity of rhythms is hypnotic, you get involved with the band’s instruments very easily. Talking about the instrumental, it’s rich in detail and features impressive performances from all members. From the great riffs and arrangements in the guitars, powerful bass lines and last but not least brilliant, the performance of the two drummers, in some moments they provides some interesting duels where each one is responsible for something in specific and that complements each one performances.

    In tracks like “Axiom Dream Within”, “Specular Wavefront Of” and “Eternal Pendulum” is where the band gives us its most sublime side. The instrumental softness and the sense of tranquility transmitted by the band is something beautiful and sincere. And this is something that the band was able to do with mastery, the ability to convey to the listener the emotional load behind each track, being apathetic in this type of approach would make the album tiring and uninteresting. And I could not fail to mention that the band also explores the more aggressive and heavy side of the style. “The Idyllic Realm” departs for the more extreme and almost insane side, the instrumental reaches a pace so intense that it becomes breathtaking, mainly because of the overwhelming and brutal rhythm proposed by the drums and strident riffs, briefly sounding like something from the Post -Black Metal.

    Reflectonless is a good surprise and an evolution in the music made by Set and Setting. Counting on an incredible diversity and compositions very well constructed, the band delivers the one that at least for me is his great triumph in terms of quality in his discography.


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