Um comentário em “Nudist – Bury My Innocence

  1. Formed in 2008 initially as Noise / Instrumental power trio, the italian band Nudist has been remodeling and evolving its sonority release by release in order to create something that has a strong identity. With The Light Beyond the Sipral, released in 2015, the band received positive reviews and delivered a sound that combined the most striking features of Sludge, Post-Metal and Post-Hardcore. The band returns with a new work on March 20th, the EP Burn My Innocence will be released by the great Argonauta Records.

    The trio delivers another great performance on the EP, running away from the obvious of the releases of the genre for being more objective and without many turns, Nudist can sound relentless and direct in each of the 5 tracks of the EP. In addition, the band maintains the diversity in the compositions and slightly insert elements of Noise and Ambient in their music in order to create something broader but without becoming ambiguous.

    “Strenghthless” features a wall of distortion as the furious vocals echo through each corner of the track, the instrumental is less conventional, structuring in strident timbres and elements of the Noise, creating a light atmosphere in its course. The title track is more urgent, it starts with a devastating and suffocating rhythm that yields few pauses to catch your breath, as well as introducing some of the heaviest riffs of the EP. “Bloody Waters” breaks the pillars of sanity at each new moment presented and surprisingly, its refrain is the one that for me was the most captivating of the EP. Distortions and an instrumental that reaches a higher density in the heavier passages mark this track. “Dead Leaves” has a blistering start, its frantic pace raises the levels of adrenaline and fury in Nudist’s music. The track has a variation of rhythms broader than previous ones, but without evading the main aspects that mark the work. The last breath occurs with “Drift,” it has a chilly and introspective initial atmosphere, relying on a more massive and dynamic evolutionary process in which the heavy rhythm is in evidence. It’s worth mentioning at this point the great performance of each member of the band and especially highlight the vocal. He guides us through all this thunderous sound wave created by Nudist and it can pass with clarity what emotions the band wants to expose in his music. “Drift” is the track that most appealed to me in Bury My Innocence, mainly for being able to introduce melodies that make a big impact right from the first audition, in addition to the powerful chorus it has.

    The music made by Nudist does not follow a “recipe” or formula, you realize that the songs reflect more the personal side that members have and the approach goes through a lot of influences inside and outside of Sludge and Post-Metal. Mixed and mastered by Eraldo Bernocchi, the EP will be released on the 20th as I quoted at the beginning of the review and is highly recommended for those who appreciate something less caricature of the genre.


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