Um comentário em “Cranial – Dark Towers / Bright Lights

  1. Dealing with the end of a band is something that has a different impact on each person, be it the members of the band in question or those who accompanied them and appreciated their music. The end of Omega Massif however has been felt by their fans on the one hand, on the other hand it represented the opportunity to accompany the band members on new projects. Among the 3 that have emerged however, Cranial is the band that carries the approach of Omega Massif by a more expanded path taking into account the sonority that each one has.

    If the Sludge Metal of the instrumental approach of the Omega Massif is something that pleases you, try the sound made by Cranial in his debut Dark Towers, Bright Lights. Leaving to the more atmospheric side of Sludge, Doom and introducing a post-metal-bound approach to classics like Neurosis and Isis, the album fits easily into what we have as the most interesting in the genre.

    The four tracks Dark, Towers, Bright and Lights are extensive and feature all those well-known and alternating Post-Metal structures, with enough detail to keep you immersed in the heavy and somber soundness explored on the album. The riffs are aggressive and with a constant presence, the drums performs a balanced performance but constantly applies blows capable of shaking all the structures, the bass lines arevpowerful and clear in most part of the album, the vocals yell relentlessly to transmit all meanings contained in the lyrics. The use of the synths is brief, serving more to strengthen the atmosphere and assist in the development of the tracks, which in general gather the wild tone found in Old Man Gloom with the recurring apocalyptic climate of Amenra. I highlight the tracks “Towers” and “Lights” but I emphasize that at least for me the four tracks have similar levels.

    Dark Towers, Bright Lights is a solid release and does not try to escape the main characteristics of the genre, but thanks to its strong compositions and high-level production can excel among other releases.


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