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  1. The desolate and mysterious landscape found in Perish’s artwork would fit very well in those found in some Black Metal bands and although the duo be of the same country of origin of some of the most notorious and important bands of the genre, Hymn’s proposal boils down to creating a monolithic and heavy Doom Metal with the addition of Sludge, Stoner and Post-Metal in its formula.

    Perish is the debut of the duo and integrates the recent catalog of Svart Records and has six tracks. Hymn’s music as I briefly revealed at the beginning of the review is incredibly heavy and intense. This is a kind of album that will rarely give you a break to catch your breath and will inevitably make you head bump as the duo presents their repertoire.

    With the exception of the opening track “Ritual”, the other tracks on the album exude aggression, much of it being reinforced by the dirty and rough vocal that screams insane since its first participation in the track “Rise”, which in some moments brings some similarities that will remind you of Conan. The evil “Serpent” presents one of the most remarkable compositions of the album, it’s where the band also applies more variations of rhythms. The track also features one foot on the most extreme side in a few moments, something that repeats itself in the track “Specter”, with fast and furious duels between the strident riffs and the crushing rhythm on the drums. “Hollow” and “Perish” complete the tracklist and maintains the pattern displayed in the album.

    Perish is a recommended album for those who desire something heavy and following a more direct approach. Hymn incorporates some familiar features that please, as well as some moments in which they introduce something from the musical perception that the duo possesses.


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