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  1. Planning for Burial is another case of those bands that do not fit into just one genre, the variety of influences found on a single album of the band is vast and intriguing. And this intriguing point becomes even more interesting because it’s something idealized by a single person, Thom Wasluck, who over the years has brought to the public his way of creating music, always reinventing itself and trying to achieve something new. It’s safe to say that Below the House is Wasluck’s most solid and creative work to date.

    The album has a dense atmosphere and a notorious melancholic tone, combining the experimental music, Shoegaze, Post-Metal and Drone in a well-balanced way. Below the House is an introspective album that manages to create a long journey of discovery, both of the idea that the music offers and the way that Wasluck applies the emotional load contained in his lyrics. Those who are familiar with Justin K. Broadrick’s Jesu will find in Below the House a similar immersion sensation.

    The variety of dynamics in the instrumental is one of the highlights of the album and reinforces the way that Wasluck can apply each of his ideas. “Whiskey & Wine” and “Somewhere In The Evening” are two tracks where the distortions have a lot of emphasis, as well as the insertion of details made on keyboard that help to reinforce the tone of anguish in both tracks. “Warmth Of You” already features something close to Post-Punk / Gothic Rock, slightly more vibrant than the others and without the dense atmosphere that prevails on the album. It’s worth highlighting the different variations that Wasluck promotes in his vocal performance, adapting properly to the mood of each track. The combo “Dull Knife pt. I and II ” is interesting if we analyze how the tracks have a contrast. The intense rhythm present in part I is diminishing to the point when part II begins, the track delves into an ethereal tone and with almost minimalist arrangements, leaving aside the aspects that marked part I.

    Below the House is an album that will please those who seek diversity, you can see that each track has its own aesthetic despite maintaining the primary characteristics. Experimental, melancholy and deep, Below the House represents exactly the musical diversity that Wasluck owns.


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