Um comentário em “Mouth of the Architect: lançamento de “Time & Withering” em vinil

  1. If you’re a post-Metal fanatic like me, you must know Mouth of the Archtect very well. Responsible for some of the most acclaimed albums of the genre, the band is preparing the release of their classic debut album Time & Withering in a remastered exclusive vinyl version via Translation Loss Records.

    Probably, Quietly is the group’s most popular album and one that is often quoted in lists or conversations involving great albums of the genre, but before reaching that point the band had a long way to go, taking their first steps with Time & Withering.

    If in 2004 the Post-Metal scene had already been broadcast by Neurosis, with each release trying to expand what we had as the base of the genre, Mouth of the Architect arrives at a time when, in addition to having a certain popularization of the style in the underground scene, via names like Pelican, Isis and Cult of Luna gaining its space.

    The initial idea of ​​the band until then formed by Alex Vernon (vocals, guitar), Gregory Lahm (vocals, guitar), Jason Watkins (vocals, keyboard), Derik Sommer (bass) and Dave Mann within the genre was following their own extinct and ideas, running away from the obvious that would only follow the steps given by the bands already in evidence. What was meant to be just a demo, became the first full lenght of the band and the beginning of the long partnership between them and Translations Loss Records.

    Listening to Time & Withering these days you can see how the band’s proposal was special for the time. It was able to bring together the roots of Post-Metal, following well-developed structures and with a series of progressions that are responsible for shaping each moment of the tracks. Yes, the album was heavy, as it could not be different, but in addition it owns a transcendental atmosphere. Every minute of the album could keep you fixed and feel like throwing himself once inside the completely immersive, emotional and mesmerizing sound that the band was able to create. The vocals that are one of the characteristics that stand out the most in the career of the band, already demonstrated all that whirlwind of sensations when transmitting of faithful form the content of the lyrics. Time & Withering may not be the band’s most complete album, but it’s certainly something that members should have great identification with and the fans an eternal admiration for.

    It’s already been 13 years since the band debuted and the album manages to stay current, the time only served to highlight how the band was ahead of what would be constantly explored in style. Like many other bands Mouth of the Architect has undergone changes, be they in the formation or in their music, but never left aside their passion for what they do, and for that we will always be grateful.

    The Time & Withering limited vinyl edition will be officially released on May 12 and is available for Pre-order.


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