Um comentário em “Kenoma – The Tides Will Prevail

  1. Imagine the situation of a band that is working on the recording process of an album and due to adversity, sees the need to postpone its release for an indefinite period, and in other cases, having to give up on the way. Kenoma is a band that fits this short description, its story begins in the year 2006 after the release of the acclaimed Split with Mouth of the Architect and although the positive reception and promising future of the group, the release of their debut The Tides Will Prevail will only take place on April 28, after many years of waiting.

    The eleven year period between the two releases was marked by factors that emerged over the years, in addition to the changes in the line up, the main point was that band had not reached the ideal result that faithfully represented the musical ideas that wanted to create in the album. Face it as a rebirth or persistence, the fact is that all this effort and dedication to give life to the album in the way that represents the conception of its creators, makes The Tides Will Prevail become even more fascinating.

    An intimate and personal journey that recounts the dedication and trajectory made by everyone who was involved in the process until arriving at the current moment. The absence of vocals is filled by grandiose compositions, which have epic progressions following the most well-known characteristics of Post-Metal. Kenoma tries to fill in all the gaps with a variety of details, featuring guitars that go through the melodic and heavy tones with great harmony. And just as the band’s trajectory is marked by transformations and changes, the five tracks in The Tides Will Prevail follow this dynamic. Kenoma knows exactly where to place the beginning of each of the tracks and also what is the final destination they will reach, but the path drawn by each one is completely different and unique. And no matter how much the band presents you with the initial idea in their music, each progress and evolution keeps the feeling of surprise, something that will get you truly involved with the band’s musical proposal. The increasing progression characteristic of the Post-Metal along to the elements of Doom and Sludge gain another sense, plunging in dense atmospheres and other moments in which the band walks by soft rhythms and full of details that give a dreamlike tone to its music, highlighting the great ones “Slepping Prophet” and “Nature of Empire”.

    If certain things are supposed to happen in due course, The Tides Will Prevail applies to this definition. Kenoma’s long process to bring the album to life that matches their musical vision results in something that lives up to the big names of the genre. Release via Translation Loss Records, pre-order already available.


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