Um comentário em “Longhouse – II: Vanishing


    Music has always been an interesting way of taking the most diverse stories to the public, gathering inspirations from several times and situations. That usually would be reason enough to make me interested in a particular album since the thematic was something that corresponds to a theme with which I identify or I want to know.

    And as much as the thematic adopted in II: Vanishing, new album by Canadian band Longhouse, not necessarily is something I was looking for, it’s an interesting experience to know more about what surrounds the past of Joshua Carter’s family, responsible for telling stories about the first Algonquin groups, and more precisely, from the community of his family, the Kitigan Zibi.

    The musical approach chosen to carry the thematic it’s one for which I have a lot of identification, combining the doom, sludge and post-metal, II: Vanishing unleashes a series of dense and gloomy atmospheres, well-accomplished progressions, slow paces and that eminent fury coming from the harsh vocals. The album brings fewer tracks but more extensive than its predecessor, something that particularly I find interesting in this kind of approach because it yields more space for the band to better develop its music, something that Longhouse made during the album.

    Each track of the album follows its own connotation, they can be more atmospheric and immersive as the opening “Hunter’s Moon”, following a pattern that resembles something done by Cult of Luna and Callisto, or follow to the dirtiest and direct side of the sludge as in the next track “Vanishing”. Moreover, I must emphasize the quality of the solos made by guitarist Marc Casey, who complement the powerful instrumental created by the trio. My favorite track is “The Vigil”, perhaps the one with the best development between the five tracks of the album, interesting variations and the presence of clean vocals that reinforce the full-charged atmosphere that the track possesses.

    II: Vanishing is a great step forward to the band, a consistent record with what you could expect from something coming of this sphere and that does not fall into that complexity that would prevent the easy assimilation of the record, as occurred with other releases of the genre.


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