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  1. The immediate sensation of being indebted to the band for not paying attention to it before, it sums up my situation in relation to Bereft, American band that released on 31 March their second studio album entitled Lands, by Prosthetic Records.

    I always talk about how I appreciate bands that try to come out a bit of routine, leaving for something less conventional, combining various styles and trying to have a striking personality, something that we are able to distinguish in relation to the others. This is something that Bereft managed to create in Lands, gathering elements of Black Metal, Doom and Post-Metal that are very well distributed along the album and that allow the band to transit their music by interesting paths, without sounding something predictable. I could cite bands like Pallbearer, Inter Arma and some of the most contemporary names from Black Metal scene to try situate the music made by Bereft, but there would still be needed more precise examples of what the album represents.

    The instrumental part is absurdly heavy but without leaving for excesses, the band is aware of how to attain the exact tone that corresponds with the harrowing and melancholic climate present in the four tracks of the album, which possess a deep and immersive atmosphere. The opening track “We Wept” incorporates these features, the diversity of details pleases, as well as variations in vocals, ranging from cavernous guttural, harsh vocals and some in a clean line filled with agony. The tempo transitions please and exhibit significant contrasts in “The Ritual” for example, some passages would fit with ease in what is done by Funeral Doom bands, but in the same track the band applies brutal blast beats on drums accompanied by the accelerated riffs and crushing rhythm existing in the Black Metal vein of the group.

    In particular, the album is already among my favourites of the year and it’s something that I have listened to with great frequency. If you like heavy and atmospheric music, Lands is an indispensable album in your collection.
    Favorite tracks: We Wept, Waining Light


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