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  1. The Swiss band When Icarus Falls completes ten years of career and celebrates with the release of their new album Resilience, released on April 21st by Tsar of Crickets Productions. Even though the band does not enjoy the same popularity as other genre names that have solidified their careers in the last 15 years, When Icarus Falls has always sought to mature and evolve the way it conducts its music, making Resilience the most complete album of the group so far.

    I met the band at the time of the release of Aegean, which is an album that I particularly like, from the conceptual side to the musical side. In Resilience the band does not present that instant ferocity interspersed with atmospheric moments that is common in the genre. The album is marked by well-held progressives and a sense of building more downbeat.

    Tracks like “One Last Stand” and “Resilience” are completely immersive, without that apparent urgency the band inserts several transitions and builds the atmosphere of the tracks always cherishing the richness of details. In “Into the Storm” and “The Lighthouse” are the first two moments where the band interleaves heavier passages in contrast to the balanced and essentially atmospheric rhythm, presenting that ferocity in instrumental with good heavy riffs and harsh vocals. Completes the album “A Blue Light”, the most expansive track and with a greater number of variations.

    Resilience is an interesting album and is one of the genre’s releases that would be among my main recommendations. All instrumental part of the album is very beautiful, rich and detailed, the band demonstrates having evolved in many respects.

    Favorite tracks: One Last Stand and the lighthouse


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