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  1. ALBUM REVIEW: Show of Bedlam – Transfiguration

    Transfiguration is the second studio album by the Canadian band Show of Bedlam, officially released on May 12th by PRC Music / Sentient Ruin Laboratories /Dawnbreed Records. This is an album that particularly I was quite eager to hear and had many expectations, taking into consideration as the split of 2009 with Jucifer (band for which I have much admiration) and the debut Roont of 2012 were positive experiences. And fortunately, Transifguration is one of the most interesting albums I’ve heard throughout the year.

    The mixture of the band blends Sludge, Doom and Post-Metal, delivering striking and known features of both genres. Show of Bedlam brings a great evolution in relation to the previous album and even if it’s something with an introspective mood, it will not be an arduous task to assimilate the sound of the group. Dense rhythms, heavy riffs, impacting percussion and gloomy atmospheres are often found in the course of the album. The use of synthesizers and samples that is already somewhat exploited, here acts in a complementary way, without leaving for excesses. “Blue Lotus” and “Tælus” already make it clear to the band’s proposal, two extensive tracks and that manage to maintain the balance between heavy passages and moments that reveal a hidden beauty in the midst of the sickening mood created by the instrumental.

    If the band shows a lot of chemistry and equally balanced performances, the vocalist Paulina Richards continues to give a personal show. She deals with various vocalizations along the album to the best style of singers such as Jarboe and Diamanda Galás, something that reinforces the way the emotional burden contained behind each track is more active and engaging. And this vocal versatility of Paulina is explored within the same range several times, the way her voice combines with the visceral and chaotic rhythms proposed by the instrumental is one of the best I’ve heard in a certain period. “Hall of Mirrors” and the hallucinating “Easter water” put it to the test.

    Transfiguration is surprising, provocative and brings an approach with which many will identify themselves. Highly recommended!


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