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  1. ALBUM REVIEW: Heaven In Her Arms – White Halo

    For more than ten years Heaven In Her Arms became notorious in the underground scene due to its profound and striking combination between post-rock, hardcore with an approach performed by names such as Orchid and Envy. In their newest studio album White Halo, the third in their discography, the Japanese band adopts a more singular approach in relation to their previous works and may be the most ambitious album of the group so far.

    The heaviness, fury and intensity of the black metal blends with the sensitivity of post-rock and the surrounding and massive atmospheres of post-metal. The term Blackgaze comes to my mind at many times of the album, taking into consideration how the band approaches in some moments reminds something done by names like Ghost Bath, Oathbreaker and Deafheaven, and mostly in the epic outcome with the track “Turbid Fog”, the one that impressed me most on the entire album.

    But White Halo is not just another album to be placed alongside what has been done by other bands in recent years, Heaven In Her Arms has built its own identity through this passionate exploitation of adverse genres. Shortly after the interlude “Ray of Light at dusk”, White Halo’s opening track, we have two beautiful examples of how powerful emotionally are the album tracks. “Abyss of the Moonbow” and “Forgivable drown”, both possess a terrifying beauty, completely devastating rhythms blend with cold atmospheres filled with a profound melancholy, with variations that deliver serene post-rock moments. This aesthetic is also demonstrated in the track “Entangled Torus”, owner of some of the most immersive moments of the entire album. Completing the album we have the dense and melancholic symphonies of “Glare of the End” and the orchestral interlude of “Chain with Fetters” in a touching funeral mood.

    It’s always gratifying to accompany a band able to traverse the musical barriers they possessed, to take wide steps to a new direction and succeed in this new journey, that summarizes well what Heaven In Her Arms created in White Halo. It’s not only the most comprehensive and profound album of the group so far, it’s also one of the most interesting and exciting albums of the genre released in the year.


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