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    Australia has one of the most interesting and diverse musical scenes I know, it has already become a routine to find some good releases from most diverse styles coming from the country. The most recent of them that drew my attention was the debut of the band Cascades. And as well as other releases coming from the country this year, was a positive experience.

    Cascades has a music that combines the most interesting coming from post-metal, post-hardcore and Sludge metal, following the best known patterns and that will bring similarities to something made by bands such as Isis, The Ocean, Mouth of the Architect, among others. The album possesses a strong identity and caught my attention for the well-conducted execution, in addition to the musical quality demonstrated by the group. Those who already familiar with the genre will certainly identify themselves in some way with the album.

    The band can develop their music without an apparent rush, the care with the details is what makes the album’s execution so enjoyable. The alternations between heavy passages charged with a chaotic fury, with the moments when the band values for simplicity and delivering sublime and immersive passages, do not occur in a sudden way, there is a whole care of the group in making both moments be completely seized by the listener. And just in the longest tracks is where the band can present this with a greater detail richness, demonstrating efficiency both in the heavy passages and in the most atmospheric moments. And even in “Cold Bloom” where the constant intensity and accelerated rhythm are the main points, the band is still able to complement the song with brief mid-slow passages.

    Released on 4th of July by Art as Catharsis, Cascades is arguably one of the great surprises of the genre for me in the year. Fully Recommended!


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