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    Usually Bandcamp is the most useful platform for meeting new bands, so much that it was there my first contact with The Death of Money (formerly used the name The Death of Her Money). I confess that the effect caused both by the cover and the album’s name created an immediate interest, and fortunately, after listening to the first three tracks of the album I had already been completely hooked by the sound of the group.

    Ghost pains is the band’s third studio album and was released on February 17th by SuperFi Records. The Death of Money operates in a more comprehensive way, bringing elements of Post-Metal, Doom, Shoegaze and something from the alternate scene of the 80s. But unlike many bands that try to draw public attention by attributing the most diverse possible tags to their music, Ghost Pains indeed delivers what is promised and with an organic and faithful approach to the group’s perceptions.

    It’s interesting the way the album embodies the most melancholy and gloomy side of the styles that the band covers along the album, creating something that simultaneously manages to be emotionally deep and overwhelming, it also brings a certain beauty, something that the listener can contemplate along the nine tracks present on the album. Ghost Pains features heavier tracks but that do not leave for excess, the band lays a limit to it that prevents it from escaping from the essence of the album. Take as an example “New Son”, the use of distortions added to harsh and harrowing vocals, complete the balanced form in which the band transits through peaceful passages and the necessarily intense and powerful choruses. Or even in the closing track “Trust The Outsiders”, which follows a more linear pattern than the other tracks of the album, delivers some of the heaviest moments and riffs of Ghost Pains.

    Tracks like “Wherever You Are” and “Outside Emptiness” bring a striking ambience, The Death of Money knows very well how to balance its music by combining dense and suffocating atmospheres with more vibrant and emotionally powerful passages. “Hospital Bed” is one of the most singular tracks of Ghost pains, basically betting on repeats both at the rhythm and phrases coming from the vocals, a simpler and minimalist side of the group able to evoke a hypnotic beauty. The dreamlike vibe of “Running Through Dreams” is complemented perfectly with the ethereal vocal of Jarboe (Ex-Swans), which is featured in the track and delivers what you could expect from the owner of one of the best voices of alternative music. I also have to highlight the title track and “Only Everything”, both bring a similar sensation to what you would find on some albums by Justin K Broadrick’s Jesu, both in the instrumental part and relative to the vocals.

    There is no way to predict how it will be your reaction to Ghost Pains, particularly it’s an album that flowed naturally but just because it brings an approach with which I am already familiar. This musical diversity of the group may not be quickly assimilated by those who are preferably connected to the most conventional side, which can transform the hearing into something somewhat challenging. But I bounce that it’s a worthwhile experience, be you someone who identifies with the styles that the band addresses or someone who simply wants to hear something more varied, which takes risks and delivers something full of identity.


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