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    Ennui is the debut album by the Australian band Opium Eater and will be officially released on October 13th via Art As Catharsis. For being the band’s debut album I would expect that it sounds like a new name for the most of you but I must tell that the music made by them bring some very familiar characteristics and has potential to amaze those who seek for heavy, atmospheric and progressive music.

    The album presentation in this scenario is even more important for being a new band so I will go talk deeply about two main points that made me like of their music. Opium Eater has an approach who seeks to blend different kind of styles in a progressive direction,exploring elements from Post-Metal and Doom Metal with a wider way and it’s something that will be more recurrent throughout the album’s course, having this blend of styles being completed with Post-Rock, Drone and even some Psychedelic music elements. And variety is something you will also find different vocals performances since there are three members of the quartet giving their own touch that fit with the musical feeling of each track and every of them following a proper approach. This is an extremely positive point, isn’t it? Having the idea that the album shows a musical diversity attached to the same context is always something fascinating.

    The band is able to give a dynamic to their music which transmits a captivating side and will turn easier the album assimilation but also demonstrates a deep and complex side that will show new details and meanings at each new hearing. I’m gonna bring as an example the two first tracks “Collapse” and “The Effect Of A Tragedy On Its Spectators”. The first one works as an introduction to the album, having a beginning that unites the Drone distortion with an introspective atmosphere and after some moments walks into something more vibrant and exuberant that would make you remember of bands like Mono and Russian Circles. “The Effect Of A Tragedy On Its Spectators” shows us something that I particularly consider the band’s trademark on the album, the duality of incredibly sublime atmospheric passages and clean vocals that sounds ethereal at some moments, contrasting with the heaviness and intensity from moments that explodes a maddening sound wave and vocals frantic screaming. Fans of bands like Neurosis, Intronaut, and The Ocean will quickly identify with this kind of approach.

    And even considering that I liked off the album in its entirety, I have to make a special mention to the tracks “Babelsteps” and “Worry Is At The Door”. Both of them displays this diverse musical palette of the group in an organic and well-detailed way, building instrumental progressions that guide us to transcendental closures, the highest moment of all this junction of sensations that emanates from the album.

    I really identified myself with the music made by Opium Eater, the quality, and inspiration presented by the band on Ennui s something that we rarely found on a debut album, managing really surprising. Highly recommended!


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