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    META is the debut album of the Australian Post-Metal band Ylva released on November 17 via Pelagic Records and Translation Loss Records.

    In a sub genre that still does not give signs of shortage of ideas and is often responsible for presenting some of the albums and bands that become my personal preferences, Ylva arrives as another name to be noticed. More than showing a promising band, the music contained in META remember us of the striking releases of the genre, especially from the half of the last decade.

    Solidifying its sound from dense rhythms and the duality between heavier sections and passages filled with a surrounding atmosphere, bringing a brief sensation of comfort, Ylva is a band that manages to create something in which it manages to take you through a variety of typical textures from Post-Metal, Sludge and Doom, also immerses you within an emotional burden contained in the core of each track.

    You will find on the album tracks that opt for a more dynamic and impactive approach, with the band unleashing heavy passages following a visceral tone than usual. “Hunting Room” and “Metadata” exemplify this most immediate and aggressive side of the band, alternating rhythms collide and leave you completely immersed in a disorienting atmospheric density. The harsh vocals sound in the ideal tone and transmit all the dramaticity and the musical soul of the band.

    And META is also responsible for presenting us more grandiose songs, bringing epic developments that have marked albums of classical bands of the sub genre. “The Fall” and “widowed” may surprise the most unsuspecting, the colossal proportions that both reach into their final halves is created from a calm and careful process, they are those tracks where every musicality of the group comes to the surface and expands the connection between music and listener, becoming something intimate, thoughtful and profound.

    Recommended to all those who enjoy heavy and atmospheric music!


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